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Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain

Voices in the Darkness: Tales from the Steem Blockchain is a compilation of short stories written by several authors, all of whom are bloggers on the STEEM Blockchain.

There are eight supernatural stories within, each one both short enough to be devoured in one sitting yet long enough to be satisfying, and all of them bring something just a little bit different.

Short-Lived Concepts, authored by Manol Donchev, is a beautifully written story with flowing words that are weaved together so mesmerisingly they dance across each page. Twinning, authored by Stina Pederson, and Love is Eternal, authored by Yvette de Beer, both brought tears to my eyes and had me sniffling by each of their ends. And I was particularly taken with Shadowproof, authored by Jim Hardy. Filled with multiple characters whose lives are strangely intertwined, this story left me turning the pages, hungering for more, and I would love for it to be transformed into a larger, full-length novel at some point.

A few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes litter the works, and formatting appears a little off in the Kindle app, but none of these detract from the overall enjoyment of the stories; although, it was eyebrow-raising to see internet-acronyms in place of words during some dialogue in one of the stories, and I found that one story needed to be read twice to be properly understood.

All in all, Voices in the Darkness has some wonderful reads inside of it and is well-worth the small price or a quick borrow on Kindle Unlimited for an evening’s entertainment.

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