Fifty Shades of Blue (a five-minute #freewrite)

“Ugh,” Janey muttered, sidestepping an unusually large pile of books.

There were old ones, ratty and neglected, and new ones with gleaming covers… and they were all piled atop one another, teetering precariously from side to side. A teetering unhelped by the movement of her body. She froze.

“Simon,” she shrieked. “Why did you put these mystery books in the hallway?”

“Mysterious books or simply books of the mystery genre?” he called from the kitchen.

“Books that weren’t here five minutes ago but are now,” Janey rolled her eyes. “Mysterioussssss books. I can’t move. They’ll fall over. I could die.”

Simon appeared in the doorway up ahead and smirked.

“Well, it’s a mystery to me.”

“You could’ve at least piled them neatly, Simon. This is a hazard.”

“I didn’t put them there,” he raised an eyebrow. “We live in a mysterious world, Janey. Maybe they simply want to be read. Or maybe they’re plotting amongst their collective plots and hope to cause our demise.”

“If you didn’t put them there…” Janey ran her eyes up the teetering books, then paled. “Simon! It’s growing larger. There was a red book on top before, now there’s a few blue ones on top of that. Different shades. Different books. I’m going to die!”

“Death by fifty shades of blue?” Simon laughed. “Wouldn’t that be something.”



Hullo! I haven’t written a five-minute #freewrite in a long time, but here I am. Here it is. πŸ™‚

It’s Day 697 of @mariannewest’s freewrite challenge, the prompt for today is — mystery books — and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website beep-a-beeped at me.

You can find today’s challenge — and join in!!! — at the following link:

Today’s image is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay! πŸ˜€

Thank you for reading. πŸ™‚


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