Take a Chance, pt. 9 (a five-minute #freewrite)

It had all gone awry. I left the house this morning to go on my own personal adventure, to free myself from the clutches of an insane housemate, to live in the city where no-one would know my name or face. Of course, that’s not what actually happened… and now, here I was, staring down a cliff-side that plunged down at least 10,000 feet. 20,000 feet. Or perhaps it was only 100 feet. I didn’t know. I couldn’t tell. It was a steep drop; that’s all that mattered.

Joey giggled maniacally at my back – ‘maniacally,’ I don’t think he knew any other method of giggling – and dragged me down into the giant pink inflatable wading pool that now served as a makeshift canoe.

“Are you ready, Jen-Jen?”

I clenched my fists and closed my eyes.


“I said, are you ready?”

“No,” I repeated.

“Oh, good,” Joey clapped my back and sniffed loudly, deliberately. “I think the pizza is ready.”

I snapped my eyes open and whipped around.

“What pizza?”


His grin widened and he shoved the makeshift canoe down the cliff-side, jumping in behind me in the nick of time.

“WOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he shouted.



We came to an abrupt landing and my face smacked into something goopy, sticky, and stinky as I tumbled out of the wading-pool-canoe.



Hullo! It’s been a while since I left Joey and Jenny stranded atop Esrann Canyon with a pink pool and no-where to go. 😀 I wonder where they’ll end up next!

It’s Day 640 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite – the prompt for today isss… awry – and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website beep-a-beeped at me. 🙂

You can find today’s challenge at the following link:

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The header image used is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay! 😀

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