Smitten (a five-minute #freewrite)

“He has warm amber eyes. They are as liquid gold, gleaming bright beneath the rays of a full sun,” Lily swooned. “I could stare into them forever. And ever. And ever!”

“Calm your farm,” Chloe rolled her eyes and sipped her tea. “You’ve been blinded by his golden sheen. Look at you. If your grin gets any larger your face will split in half, your brain will fall out. Maybe it already has.”

Lily’s infatuated grin widened impossibly further and Chloe winced, waiting for the inevitable crack. It didn’t. If this were a horror comedy, her face would halve and a creature would have crawled out, grinning with teeny tiny razor-sharp teeth. Perhaps its eyes would be gloriously golden too. It would be fitting. Thankfully, this was real life… or was it? She pinched the back of her hand and flinched. Yes, this was no dream, and if it were a movie, well, she wasn’t getting paid enough to deal with this hysterical woman.

Hysteria. Chloe bit her lip before the giggle could escape. Didn’t they once have an… interesting cure for that?

“You don’t understaaaaaand,” Lily sighed, her wistful demeanour reminiscent of a love-lorn heroine from some over the top romance novel. “If you saw his eyes… if only you could. We could be spellbound together. Yes! That’s the word. Spellbound. I am totally spellbound right now. It’s like magic –his eyes have cast a spell over me!”

Chloe sipped another mouthful of tea and frowned. It had gone cold. Such a waste.

“Can these golden magical orbs warm my tea?”



Hullo! It’s day 629 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite. The prompt for today is — warm amber eyes — and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website beeped at me.

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Took a while to get started today. So many distractions! It’s bad when you can’t even get five lousy minutes to yourself, haha. We cleaned out the spare bedroom the other day and I’m planning on transforming it into a little office. Ordered a little computer desk/bookshelf combo thing and am waiting for it to arrive next week sometime. Will be nice to have a small space I can call my own. ? That’s also when I’m planning to resume any possible dTube things like the #freeread, and videogame recordings, and things.


The header image used for today is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay! It also has absolutely nothing to do with the little vignette! ? Apparently searching Amber Eyes or Golden Eyes on Pixabay results in a lot of animal images. I like it though.

Thank you for reading. ?