Take a Chance pt.4 (a five-minute #freewrite)

I glared at the back of Joey’s head, cursing every ringlet that dangled at his back. Maybe I should chop it all off while he slept. That would be ‘fun.’ How dare he accuse me of not knowing what ‘fun’ is anymore! I still had fun, I just didn’t have to be an imbecile to enjoy my life. I found fun and enjoyment in my own way. My own responsible way. Like, not ordering live hippopotamus’ online from Amazon for a lark.

That wasn’t ‘fun,’ that was reckless. And expensive. My eyes watered at how much he must’ve spent on such a creature. As though he knew I was cursing him, his hand tightened over my wrist and dragged me forward.

“Where are you taking me?” I grumbled.

He shrugged.

“Can you stop shrugging?”

He shrugged again.

“You are infuriating!”

He peered over his shoulder and smirked, shrugged again, then whipped his curls behind him as he continued onwards.

“Jenny, Jenny, Jenny,” he sighed. “We are going on an adventure. Loosen up a bit. Let me show you what ‘fun’ is. I thought living together for the past year would show you something, but it only made you more of a bitch.”

“How could I possibly be anything else when living with a numbskull like you?”

He didn’t answer. Instead he made a grand gesture and proudly exclaimed, “We have arrived!”

“Where are we?”

“Esrann Canyon!” he spun about and sent me a wide, toothy cheshire-cat grin like the mad man I had come to expect. “It’s time… adventure time!”

“Oh, God. You’re going to kill me, aren’t you?”



Hulloooo! It’s Day 609 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite – the prompt for today is canyon and you can find today’s challenge at the following link:

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This is Part 4 of a Joey and Jenny adventure, you can find previous “chapters” at the following links:
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