Take a Chance pt.3 (a five-minute #freewrite)

“Joey,” I said, unable to tear my eyes from the large hippo’s crazed, rolling eyes. “Where in the hells did you get a hippo?

“Oh, this?” he said, sending a wink and scratching it behind a wiggly ear. “Amazon sells everything these days. It arrived five minutes ago! Crazy. I only ordered it this morning and it was packaged, posted, and at the door in hours.”

“Why did you get a hippo?”

Joey shrugged, hopped down from its back, and smacked its rear end, sending it galloping through the Rigel’s Nursing Home and into the pool out the back. Old women shrieked and screamed while old men roared with laughter and tried to offer the beast licks of beer and whisky, and ignored the shattered walls and crumbling ceiling and the workers that slowly emerged from the ruins, staring wide-eyed at the unexpected chaos.

Unexpected. Over the past year, I’ve learnt to always expect the unexpected, especially when Joey is involved.

“Where were you off to, anyway?” he smirked.

“You never answered my question! Why the hell did you order a hippo?”

“For fun,” he smiled. “You do remember what ‘fun’ is, right?”



Hullo! Today is Day 608 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite! The prompt for today is — posted — and you can find today’s challenge (and join in!) at the following link:

This little writing is Part 3 of a tiny ongoing Joey and Jenny adventure, which you can find…:
Part One
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