There’s No Time! (a five-minute #freewrite)

Hullo, hullo!

It’s time for a five-minute #freewrite! 😀 The prompt for today is — inbox — and I had no idea how to incorporate it into the Betrayal thing that I’m writing, so, it’s time for Joey to do something!

No idea what, though. I guess Jenny might find out soon enough.

You can find today’s prompt and challenge at the following link:

And today’s header image is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay!



My inbox was full. Again. It seemed impossible but there it was; a daily haul of ten thousand emails –mostly spam– that refused to get delivered to the correct folders.

They would all be deleted. The lot of them.

It wasn’t even my fault. I don’t remember signing up for all of these things. Shopping Express, Pyjamas Unlimited, Lady Toys, this weird clothing store that only sells garments for people with bodies the size and shape of a child’s… and I certainly don’t recall asking for penis enhancers to be sent to my inbox.

I don’t even have a penis!

Select all. Check the box. Delete. Confirm. There. Hopefully there was nothing important in there. That would suck. What if I had won the 155 million Nigerian Lottery again? I smirked and shut the laptop lid. If there was anything important, they could call me.

As though in response, my phone vibrated against my butt and near sent me flying out of my seat.


It vibrated again. Of course. Apparently I didn’t press the answer button as I whipped it from my back pocket. I slid the green button across and tried again.

“Hello? Jenny speaking.”

“JENNY! It’s me. There’s no time.”


“There’s no time! Quick. Come to the loungeroom.”

The phone went dead.



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