Fulfil the Quota (a five-minute #freewrite)

“You will fulfil the quota, or you will die,” rasped a woman’s voice.

I leapt back. She stood before me. Black hair flowed to her knees and heaven help me, her eyes were as fiery as the flamin’ grill. The grill! I glanced down at my sausages –they were fine– then returned to the woman.

“Pardon me? And just who do you think you are?”

“That doesn’t matter,” she snapped. “I know who I am, but you don’t seem to know who you are. Fulfil the quota. We are waiting. If you fail, your death is imminent.”

“What quota? What in the fiery pits of barbecue grease are you talkin’ ’bout, woman?”

She narrowed her flaming eyes.

“Don’t be coy, Julian.” My eyes widened. “And don’t look so surprised. You have until sundown.”

She vanished in a poof of smoke. I glanced left and then right. There was no-one here. That I could see anyway. I stepped forward and breathed in the remnants of her smoke, then leapt away, my face crinkling and twisting all manners of sideways. She wasn’t no pork chop, that was for sure!

Quota, she had said. My sausages sizzled. Maybe she wanted me to eat a whole lot of barbecue. That was a quota I could definitely fulfil.



Hullo! It’s Day 559 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite. The prompt for today is — quota — and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website screamed its beep at me. 😀

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@deirdyweirdy mentioned that I may have a food fetish. It’s entirely possible. If I go through all of my freewrites, I have a feeling about 70% of them have something to do with some kind of food. I love food and I don’t eat enough. My son eats me out of house and home and while he’ll get the whole loaf of bread, I might get one slice. If I make a large spaghetti bolognaise, he gets three dinners out of it and I get one. I have to hide snacks and relish them while he’s sleeping.



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Thank you for reading!



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