Prompt: Broken (two five-minute #freewrites)

Hullooo! 🙂

It’s Day 555 (!) of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite, and today I am back with story integration. The prompt for today is — broken — and I decided to do two five-minute segments for two of my characters involved. First Lyria, and then Cael.

This is still based on my last story integration freewrite — I’m Blessed. I’m still on that chapter, haha. Hoping to at least outline it today and finish it tomorrow! And then on to an Avia chapter that I should have done last week, but I focused too much on getting this Lyria and Cael business out of the way first. Once this chapter has finally been worked out, it will be out of the way. 😀 For now. Until the next bit of Lyria and Cael business. Which is most of the book, to be honest. It is what it is.


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Lyria’s Take on Broken

Broken. Everything was broken. A sob ripped across Lyria’s chest and she swept faster through the trees, their burgundy leaves a blur that only reminded her of Cael and his crimson armour as her tears blinded her.

Her life was broken. Her hopes, dreams… her heart. She had been foolish! Her mother had warned her and she had tried her best to take heed of the warning, but it was all for naught. All that she knew was once again in pieces and this time there was only herself to blame.

Fiery trees and undergrowth soon thinned into long golden grasses and without a thought for the beasts that lurked within, Lyria flew across the plains and headed for Syosse. There was nowhere else she could go. Her family was dead, her friends were dead, Antohne likely hated her –or soon would when he, too, discovered her curse– and she had just exiled herself from a home that would never have been hers despite her desperate hope.

All that was left was to return to the old cliff-side village. To a home haunted by death and despair. There would be no-one there. And she would be alone.

Perhaps that was for the best.


Cael’s Take on Broken

Broken twigs and scattered leaves crunched underfoot, thin branches whipped across his face and left their sting upon his flesh, and thick vines wrapped about his legs and tried to restrict his passage. Cael ignored the discomfort of the burdening undergrowth and pushed further through the forest. A previously unknown determination pulsed through his veins and he would not stop until he caught up with fleeing girl.

Lyria’s path was evident; she was too distraught. Her normally silent, plainscat-esque footfalls could be heard in the distance and the crash of branches and the crunch of the undergrowth were his guide –as was the mess of broken foliage she had left in her wake. She would soon tire and her steps would slow, and it wouldn’t be long before he could wrap his arms around her once more. He would hold her close and tell her that her magehood did not concern him, and then together, as one, they would face his father.

He didn’t have to know about the girl’s blessing. Ari hadn’t cared about it so why should they? The serpent call had been successful, the scale had been passed, and he and Lyria would soon be as one in the eyes of the Gods. That was all that mattered.