Early Morning Mishaps (a five-minute #freewrite)

Hullo, hullo!

It’s time for @mariannewest’s #weekendfreewrite! Except, I’m being awful today and decided to go with a single prompt option. There were so many to choose from! But my eye eventually settled on — It’s what I do at 2:30 in the morning when I can’t sleep. I immediately thought of my mischievous Joey, and the following came out in the five-minutes before the egg-timer website went beep-a-beep at me.

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There were noises in the living room. I rubbed at my eyes and squinted at the clock. It was only 2:30AM. There should definitely not be noises in the living room at this time.

A normal person would assume someone had broken in and was now rummaging through their things, or another normal might bolt upright and just listen, then realise the sounds were coming from outside.

Not me.

I have a housemate, you see… his name is Joey and he is the bane of my existence. We’ve been friends since childhood and have recently moved in together. The worst decision of my life, apparently, there is still jam stuck in my hair from a mishap last week, but there is no where else for me to go.

Another thud thumped out from the living room, followed by hurried footsteps, and then a long, drawn out creak.

I would never be able to go back to sleep under these circumstances.

Climbing out of bed, I shuffled over to the door and whipped it open. The noises stopped. I stood still and listened for a moment, then Joey giggled. I knew it. Not what he was doing, but that it was him. My bane.

Creeping down the hallway, I peered around the corner and watched as Joey hung upside from a doorframe. Swaying back and forth. Like a rat monkey. Or something. I don’t know if rat monkeys even exist apart from the Sumatran one in that Peter Jackson movie.

“Joey,” I hissed. “What the hell are you doing swinging upside down like a B-grade horror movie monkey?”

“It’s what I do at 2:30 in the morning when I can’t sleep,” he shrugged. A weird movement for one who was upside down.