Prompt: Cloud (a five-minute #freewrite)


It’s Day 542 for @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite challenge, and my offering for today is another attempted integration with my Book One!

I’ve just finished my re-write of Chapter 17, which ended up a lot differently to how it once was, and now I need to write my way out of it. I have an idea for that, but originally Chapter 17 and 18 were back-to-back chapters with the same character, Lyria. Now that I’ve done what I’ve done, a slight cliffhanger is required, so need to insert another chapter from someone else’s perspective before returning to Lyria.

(Because I have a habit of writing how you would watch a movie.)

Which brings us… back to Alysse and Xelcia! 😀

Today’s Prompt: Cloud
Today’s Characters: Alysse and Xelcia upon the Skyswept Isles!

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And today’s header image is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay!

Hoping to kickstart the all-new Chapter 18 with this prompt. A new chapter with new events I’ve never even thought about until today. So. May or may not flop this. Fingers crossed I end up with something I can work with. Today’s was a bit over five minutes as I wanted to finish my train of thought.

(ALSO: If anyone reading this has Google Play Books experience, I would love you forever if you could help me. I’ve been accepted into their Books Partner Program, but, the damned file won’t process. It gets to Processing: Step 6 of 6, then fails and tells me to try again. Each attempt takes about half an hour before it fails. I’ve tried 8 times and no dice. Help.)



Alysse raised her arms to the Aethya and closed her eyes. Within moments, a tuft of wispy cloud fell from the sky and ribboned about the girl in a soft mist before vanishing into the nothingness. As though the visiting cloud held a sensation of its own, the girl giggled and rubbed at her new robes –hued as the midnight to designate her new position– and cleared away any lingering precipitation.

Xelcia couldn’t help but smile. The girl’s cheerful, glimmering eyes were as magnetic as Esraelle’s. Their resemblance was uncanny. She was as a child God come to life. She had filled out well since the night she had stumbled into her quarters, as thin and gangly as a cursed twig creature. It had only been half a cycle since that horrible hour, but the girl was already as bright and bubbly as she had been before the descent through the maw. A journey through the Aethya’s lower planes had not affected her mind too badly it seemed.

There still had been no luck finding the slug woman, however. Perhaps she had been a mere remnant of the girl’s haunted dreams.

Alysse turned to her, as though sensing her thoughts, and beamed a vibrant smile.

“I know where she is.”

Xelcia blinked.

“Who, dear child?”

“Lady Arisse.”

“Don’t be foolish,” Xelcia stood a little taller and placed a hand over her heart. “Lady Ellira Arisse died before you were born. Her death is the reason you’re to remain here with me, on these Isles, instead of enjoying time with your family.”

Alysse only smiled.

“Our new Lady Arisse. She needs my help. Can I help her?”



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