Prompt: Intensity (a five-minute #freewrite)

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I’m excited ~ Half Past the Moonfall has finally been removed from Amazon’s leash and I’m preparing it for other retailers! Will be doing up a post in the next day or so. Woohoo!

Guys, guys, guys – are you a brand new self-published author on Amazon and are debating what to do? Let me give you a hint. DON’T CHOOSE KDP SELECT. Gawsh. Everything I read said that it was the best choice. Totally NOT. Maybe if you have several books behind you and a loyal readerbase, but as a brand-new no-name? Nope. Don’t do it, guys!

Anyway, today is Day 534 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite and today I am back to integrating the prompt with my story! I’m working on an Alysse and Xelcia chapter at the moment, and tried to think of what the prompt could do for this pair today as I work out their chapter.

Today’s Prompt: Intensity
Today’s Characters: Xelcia and Alysse

And today’s header is CC0 and Courtesy of Pixabay!



Alysse stood at the door, wobbling upon legs that hadn’t moved for going on three cycles – near a season! Her pale body was as thin as that of the stick creatures that dangled from tree limbs, the same creatures that tricked nearby birds into taking them to their nests, and her cheeks were as sunken as the soggy marsh, yet fierce intensity gleamed behind her eyes as shining embers that breached the darkness.

“Alysse,” Xelcia whispered, stumbling back as the girl fell into her parlour.

The child fell to the ground and crawled on all fours to the chaise, huddling against the soft cushions as she whimpered. Her long black hair cascaded as the molten rock that flowed over the deserts, her ember-lit eyes as the same embers that brightened the black rivers.

She hurried over to Alysse and gingerly sat beside her. For the first time in her life, she was uncertain as to what to do. There had never been a need for her to give comfort to anyone before and she likely would not have even if it were expected. The gift of nurturing was not hers.

Alysse lunged for her and wrapped her arms around her, her skin as ice, and Xelcia fought against the instinct to jump up and leap away, instead placing a tentative hand on the girl’s back as she cried against her chest.

“It’s okay, child,” she whispered, though her tone was more exasperated than soothing. She did not mean for it to be and she closed her eyes, regretting her inadequacy.



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