It Ain’t What You Think (a five-minute #freewrite)

Hullo, hullo!

There is nary a cocktail to be seen in my imaginary world, though there may or may not be one in my hand, so today’s #freewrite is back to whatever weirdness flies out of my head in a non-story-related manner… and today’s has been brought to you by a comment I left on @d00k13’s cocktail related freewrite – a freewrite that you can find HERE!



Anyway! Babbling aside, in case you haven’t noticed yet – today’s prompt is COCKTAIL! 😀 You can find today’s #freewrite challenge at the following link:

And the header image used today is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay! Couldn’t find a confused looking rooster, but I thought this one looked fancy!



Rupert grabbed the already-filthy cloth and began the thankless task of wiping down the bar. Both a thankless task and a pointless one, but he did it anyway.

“Rupert, my good man!”

He met the eyes of Henry Hillsborough Hollandaise the Fourth. A large man with ruddy cheeks who wore silk shirts a size too small that proudly displayed his prominent gut.

Rupert smiled.

“Hey Henry, what’ll it be today?”

Henry sniffed.

“That’s Sir Henry to you, I was knighted last week.”

Rupert rolled his eyes and dunked a mug into the barrel of ale.

“You weren’t knighted; Lisabelle hit you with the fire-stick when you grabbed her by the arse.”

“Oh, yes.”

Henry sniffed again, then his eyes darted left and right and then left again before focusing back on Rupert’s. He coughed delicately.

“No ale today, my good man. However, old chap. I heard rumour of… well… Jonathon said something about… cocktails? That those fancy French things?”

A rooster crowed from the back-room and Rupert grinned.

“It ain’t what you think, but that’ll be twenny coins, mate.”



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