Prompt: Rainbow (a five-minute #freewrite)


It’s Day 528 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite and I’m on a roll with my story integration. Today’s prompt is rainbow which is highly relevant in my little universe. The skies are iridescent, the Gods live in the Aethya — the heavens — which, simply put, looks like a more colourful aurora borealis spread across the entire world, that becomes more vortex-like the higher one goes, and the Skyswept Isles are positioned high enough to notice the kaleidoscopic patterns that shift and change in the endless colours.

Very colourful, vibrant, and rainbow-tastic… an eternal beauty that overwhelms the reality of the dark and gritty land it shines upon.

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Today’s Prompt: Rainbow
Today’s Character: Cael and a whole lot of exposition. (And another freewrite I want to transform into a whole new chapter!!! Cael could use another chapter or two dedicated to his perspective. Just need to think of two more acts for it. Hmmmmm. If I do make it a whole new chapter, by positioning it would actually be the first in Cael’s perspective… must keep that in mind. Okay, rambling. Shush.)



The dark clouds drifted further south, taking their thunder, falling ice, and heavy rain along with them. In their wake, grey clouds tinged by the orange hues of the setting sun flittered across the sky. They tumbled beneath the heavens akin to a litter of silver and gold patched plainscat cubs play-fighting with one another, slowly leaving their nest as they grew larger, whiter, softer and pounced across the expanse.

A rainbow formed against the departing backdrop, more vibrant than the ever-living Aethya as its colours contrasted the storm that had brought it to life, and the lake reflected all heavenly wonders with a life unbeknownst as the slow pirouettes of the tiny water dancers partook in a dance across the mirrored surface.

Cael sat before the water, preferring to watch the insects upon the mirrored lake than the celestial events above, and did not stir as Ari sidled up beside him. He placed an arm around the plainscat and leant his head against its soft shoulder, and stared at the reflections, a slow glimmer of an idea forming in the back of his mind.

This small clearing hidden in Fan’ore Forest was his sanctuary, his escape from his father and the rigidity of his burdened life, and if all went to plan, this little pocket would be a gateway for his future. He swallowed. Perhaps he was being presumptuous.


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