Prompt: I’ll Be Checking On You (a five-minute #freewrite)


It’s Day 527 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite, and I’m still plodding away at my ✶story of a lifetime✶ and trying to squeeze some inspiration out of the daily prompt! 🙂

Today’s prompt is — I’ll be checking on you! — butttt, I changed it a bit to better suit my characters. I can’t think of one instance where any of my characters would possibly check on anyone (I read it in an exuberant manner, also) but there are plenty of instances where one would be watching others. 🙂 So, here we go! Five-minute Story Time! Brought to you by a prompt, caffeine, and an eggtimer website.

Prompt Used: I’ll be watching you.
Character Best Suited: Most of them! But will be using Lyria and Cael.

You can find today’s challenge here:

And today’s header image is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay!



Cael stopped mid-step then peered over his shoulder, offering her a smug smirk. “I’ll be watching you,” he said, his pale eyes flickering with that unreadable glint that always shone when he was scheming against her, then he continued toward the palace.

A heavy aura of contempt exuded from his haughty departure and Lyria shot imaginary daggers into the back of his head. If only that were an ability she could lay claim to –the ability to glare at someone and set their wavy brown hair alight. Surely there was someone out there with such a gift; unfortunately, it did not belong to her.

Why would he be watching her, anyway? An involuntary shiver prickled her flesh and she whipped away from the palace and its uncountable windows, any one of which could be hiding an obnoxious Lordling and his watchful eyes. With a shuddering breath, she stepped into the busy city streets and was careful to keep her head held high as she walked away.

It was only a throw away comment. Its only purpose was to cause anxiety to her and pleasure to him. She need not be afraid. Even if he were watching her, she hadn’t once used her gift within Astana’s walls. A small smile touched her lips. That was, except for that one time she had bested him in front of his father.

By the Gods, how she would love to do that again.



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