Prompt: Buffer (a five-minute #freewrite)

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It’s Day 524 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite, and this is my sixth effort at integrating the daily prompt with my already existing universe and characters. Just hoping to find more ideas and breathe more life into my story before I release Book One this year.

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Today’s Prompt: Buffer
Today’s Character: Lyria



The realm was a deep, black expanse that held nothing within it –nothing that could be seen with an ordinary eye. Lyria strained to see beyond her toes but was thwarted by the impossible darkness.

A burst of boiling wind, hotter than the serpent’s breath, swept over her and burned her flesh, and she quickly pushed out her aura, transforming it into a shield that acted as a buffer, suddenly grateful that the Magisters had insisted on offering their training.

Dim silhouettes manifested as ghostly shadows accentuated by the living void and a woman’s laugh echoed through the area, swiftly surrounding her with its shrill shriek. A flash of green shone before her as two emerald eyes then vanished as fast as they had first appeared. Serpentine tendrils of crimson hair wrapped around her ankles, having forced their way through her makeshift shield, and she yelped before strengthening her aura. The hair that remained within her bubble dissolved but the woman’s shrieking laughter intensified. Where was it coming from?

Though she could not see, she pushed onward –it was her duty. To her family’s memory, to the people she now served, to her son, to her Lord, and to her Gods. This is what Xandur had chosen her for.

With that thought a pleasant warmth touched her face and Xandur’s mark lit up the area, revealing black sands and gnarled, twisted trees that harboured no leaves. It was her nightmare come to life.


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