The Witching Hour (a #weekendfreewrite)

Anthony Burris Green traced one jagged fingernail along the railing. Then, he opened the knife. Shut it. And opened it again.

It was almost time.

He glanced over his shoulder. The sun’s orange glow danced upon the horizon, illuminating the city in a fiery blanket. He smiled. A fiery blanket… that was it. First the knife, then a fiery blanket. It wasn’t that he cared if evidence was found, but fire was always welcome.

Tapping the knife on the iron railing, he watched as the sun sank lower and lower, and at last all was shrouded in twilight.

A hand fell on his shoulder. Turning around, he smiled into the sparkling green eyes of Maria May Bellows.

“It’s time,” she purred.

“I know,” he grunted, nodding at the darkened skies. “I been watching and waiting, you know.”

“Don’t snap at me,” she whispered, then motioned over her shoulder for him to follow.

“Had an idea while watching the sun go down,” Anthony muttered. “How’s about a fiery blanket? Fire, right? Set it ablaze!”




Nellie woke. Not due to the moonlight, but because of her dream. There would be fire. There would be pain. There would be death.

“It was only a dream,” she whispered beneath her breath, her eyes darting around the moonlit room.

All was in its place. Not an ornament was out of place, the two ferns were where they should be, and the laundry hamper was beside the dresser. The hamper. She narrowed her eyes at it and waited. It was the hamper. In her dream, the fire began in the hamper.

Guided by the moonlight, she took one step out of the bed and rummaged through the pile of dirty clothes. There was nothing suspicious. Not that she could see in the dark, anyway.

Sighing, she reached over for the light switch. She needed to know. It was only a dream… but it felt so real.

Flick. Bzzt. The light fizzled out.

“Typical,” she whispered, before repeating to herself, “Grow up, Nellie. It was only a dream.”

Crawling back into bed, she covered her face with her arm so as not to be disturbed by the gleaming moon, and fell back asleep.




“She ain’t what you think,” Maria May Bellows stated.

Anthony Burris Green shrugged.

“Knifed plenty of witches in my time. Burned ’em too. Still don’t want to use fire?”

Even though it was dark, Anthony could see as Maria rolled her eyes.

“If you must. Make sure we’re outta here before the flames lick.”

“Sure thing, sweets.”

Anthony patted his jacket and felt for the matches. Check. Then flicked his knife open, then closed it, and then flicked it open again.

“Why do you keep doin’ that?” Maria hissed. “Focus!”

“I like the sound,” Anthony shrugged. “Okay, okay. Time to go witchin’.”

He flicked the knife closed and then opened it again and chuckled as Maria slugged his shoulder.

“Get on with it, boofhead.”

“Fine, fine. It’s the witchin’ hour!”

Anthony creaked open the bedroom door and crept over to the bed. The witch was asleep. Nellie Nina Norrigon, tonight you will burn, he thought to himself, raising the knife above the girl’s chest.

Her eyes opened, gleaming as orange as the flames he intended to shroud her with.



Hullo, hullo! It’s #weekendfreewrite time! The weekend freewrite consists of three prompts, delivered by @mariannewest, and you can find them here (1), here (2), and here (3). The prompts have been bolded and italicised in my writing and each five-minute segment was written using the Eggtimer website to guide me.

This story flowed together rather nicely!! Unlike a lot of my nonsense, haha.

I apologise for my lacking #marchmadness… it turns out that this month is more hectic than I planned, and I don’t think I’ll be “winning” this month, but I still plan on rewarding those who have been following me with a pile of SBI shares. ? I feel terrible that I’m the one who even brought up the idea of a March Madness and I’m failing. Well, I suppose “failing” is too strong a word. I’ve written SOME things. I’ve written nearly 12,000 words that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I don’t know. I feel bad about it. Will still try and get a couple of things up, but I won’t be a winner.

Anywho, I used two images for my header today! Both are CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay and you can find the fire here and the sleeping lady here.

Thanks for reading!! 🙂