This is Not a Test (a five-minute #freewrite)

“This is not a test. Please file out of the building in an organised manner. Do not shove one another. Please remain calm and collected. I repeat: this is not a test.”

The loudspeaker repeated those words in an endless litany. Though obviously a recorded voice, it was deep, impactful, and held a distinct authority that demanded to be taken seriously.

Marie swallowed and cast an uneasy eye over her workmates. None of them were listening to the recording. Women screamed, men threw tables out the windows, some bodies followed the tables and landed with a crunch that was audible even at this great height, and the recording kept on speaking its message. A message that went ignored.

An elbow pushed into her spine and forced her to the ground as another woman ran past. A helicopter –perhaps one, two, or more; who could tell?– approached in the distance, their loud choppa-choppa-choppas increasing in intensity as they came closer. The wafts of a strange scent floated in through the smashed windows, and the sickening crunch of another body landed outside.

Picking herself up from the floor, Marie held her breath and sidled towards the exit, hoping that none of these maniacs would follow, hoping that the odour wouldn’t affect her, and hoping that in the outside world people were still sane.



Hullo! 🙂 Today is Day 487 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite challenge, however this is written for Day 486’s prompt which was — test — and was written in the five-minutes the egg-timer website gave me, except for the last sentence which I added after the beep to give it a small finish. 😀

Here is a link to the current prompt which is — cliff-hanger:

The image used for my header is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay!


Thank you for reading. 🙂




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