The Harvest (a five-minute #freewrite)

“A pig’s ear, eye of a fly, snot from a toad, and tail of a crab…”

“Uh, sir, crabs don’t have tails.”

The Master Mage raised an eyebrow and smiled. There was an almost condescending glint embedded deep within his eyes as he stared directly into mine, the gleam almost piercing my brain with its sharpness.

“Crabs have tails,” he flared his nostrils. “The ones down the coast aways anyway. Do be a good lad and collect them for me, and don’t even try to give me one of those inferior tail-less crabs from this region. It must have a tail. It must be from down the coast.”

I stood a little straighter and offered a salute, all the while thinking how much of a nutjob this mage was. Of course my family had assigned my tutorship to this madman.

“Yes, sir. Crab tails and pigs ears coming soon!”

“And don’t forget the fly eyes and toad snot.”

“No, sir.”

I bowed and hurried away, careful to close the door gently at my back. Determined not to peer over my shoulder and meet his piercing eye. That piercing eye would stab into my brain again and he would read my thoughts –of course I was going to give him an ‘inferior’ crab; the things did not have tails! Maybe I could glue a prawn to it.



Hullooo! 🙂 It’s Day 478 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite ~ the prompt for today is — pig’s ear — and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website beeped at me.

You can find today’s challenge at the following link:

After writing this thing, I actually googled if crabs have tails. They do! Little teeny tails that are folded up beneath their shells. I had no idea. A crab’s tail was the most implausible thing I could think of straight off the bat, and it turns out that it’s not implausible at all! Haha.

The image used for my header is CC0 and courtesy of Pixabay!

Thank you for reading! 😀


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