By the Book (a five-minute #freewrite)

It had to be done by the book. By the book. Elizabeth fingered the tiny book in her pocket and peered over her shoulder, nibbling at her lip as she searched the shadows. There were eyes on her neck… *they* were watching her. There was nothing –no one– in the room, but that didn’t mean shit; *they* could be invisible, *they* could be watching from hidden cameras, and *they* could even morph into the damned furniture.

A lonely armchair sat in the corner. She glared at it then turned back to the door, wrapping her fingers around the fine leather-bound book in her pocket. It was the size of her thumbnail yet held a power within… a power that would soon be released, a power that *they* wanted, a power that, if she performed properly, could be kept for herself.

By all outward appearances it would appear she were working the book, by the book, by all the rules *they* imposed upon her, but she would have the last laugh. *They* would meet their end in the end, the end that she would soon summon.

Their end. She smiled, placed her head against the door, and listened to the faint crackle within. Her neck prickled. *They* were definitely watching her; she felt their eagerness rising with each moment. Eager for the power or eager for her failure. Either outcome was a win for them. Not in this lifetime. Her smile widened.

Plucking the book from her pocket, she whipped open the door and threw it into the waiting flames, indulging in the faint hint of a scream as the armchair she had glared at burst into fiery embers, her glee quickly transforming into horror as the door at her back slammed into her and sent her flying into the same magical fire she yearned to control.



Hullo! 🙂 It’s Day 469 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite, the prompt for today is — *by the book* — and this is what I came up before the eggtimer website went beep-beep at me, plus a bit extra for the last sentence because I wanted to do a quick ending for a change.

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Thanks for reading! 🙂



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