The Wild and Woolly West (a we-write with @blueeyes8960)

Part One

Jake stood up and dusted off the seat of his britches as he looked undereyed at the glossy black stallion tossing his head in agitation. Approaching slowly and carefully he reached for the dangling reins all the while crooning softly to the spooked horse. At that moment Fury rose up on his hindquarters and pawed the air, trumpeting out a shrill whinny. With stiffened forelocks Fury’s hooves pounded down inches from Jake’s feet. “What the hell??” Jake exclaimed as he jumped back.

It was then Jake saw the pieces of rattlesnake that Fury had just stomped into the dusty hard packed ground. Now it made sense as to why Fury had spooked and bucked, resulting in Jake’s unplanned collision with the ground. Fury puffed out a snort of hot breath and whickered softly as he stood trembling looking at Jake, almost as if waiting for a thank you. Jake chuckled and pulled out a chunk of carrot from his flannel shirt pocket, having intended to feed it to Fury when they stopped for lunch.

Jake was on a mission he’d prefer not to be attending to. Allie was the sweetest young thing Jake had ever met and he was head over heels in love with her. But her daddy was something else. Ornery as a rabid coyote, he’d flat out refused to let Jake court Allie. Just because Jake used to be a little rough around the edges was no reason to shut him out. You couldn’t reach manhood in this wild and woolly west without a few bar fights and a shoot out or two under your belt.

by @blueeyes8960



Part Two

‘The wild and woolly west,’ he smiled as he climbed back into the saddle and guided Fury down the dusty track. Normally referred to as ‘the wild west,’ Jake had called it wild and woolly ever since he’d laid eyes on sweet Allie. Her ol’ daddy was the wild and she was the woolly. Oh, how he’d love to run his hands through that thick, woolly mane of hers.

If all went as planned, tonight would be that night. It shouldn’t have come down to this –going behind a man’s back was nothing no decent type would do– but there was no longer any choice. The girl had agreed to meet him out by the largest cactus near the smallest rock, and he would be there soon… provided no more mishaps happened.

Fury seemed settled, the sky was clear, and though there were faint howls in the distance all seemed right with the world. With the dead rattlesnake at their backs, there was nothing that would stop him, stop them, stop…

He narrowed his eyes. ‘The largest cactus near the smallest rock,’ would seem a bit strange to those not around here, but not to him and certainly not to Allie. Daddy only recently sold it after all. But… there it was in the distance, the large cactus-shaped structure all lit up like the flames of a seven star casino under seige.

This did not bode well. Heart thudding, he kicked his heels into Fury’s flanks. The beast whinnied into the night and set forth for the fiery destruction.

by @kaelci



Hello! 🙂 This is an entry for the @freewritehouse’s We-Write! The prompt is — wild and woolly — and you can find the challenge, and perhaps partner up with someone and join in, at the following link:

@blueeyes8960 wrote the first half of this story and then I wrote the second half… I’ll admit, I’m not very familiar with Westerns (apart from my very early memories of watching Bonanza as a kid) so my addition probably isn’t the best. But it was fun! It’s good to try something different and unexpected. I don’t have much practice being the person who does the second-half of the story so I appreciate being able to give that a try also. 😀

Thank you @blueeyes8960 for being my partner! And thank you @freewritehouse for the we-write contest! I love doing these.

The photo used for the header is courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Thank YOU for stopping by and reading! 😀



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