Darkness Descends (a five-minute #freewrite)

Lana lowered her eyes, refusing to meet the forlorn gaze of a cracked and mouldy statue. Why had she come here? She wasn’t a church lady. This wasn’t even a real church. It might have been back in the day, it may have even been a glorious one, but now it was an old crumbling ruin run over by green and purple vines, stringy strangly weeds she couldn’t make sense of, and she was fairly certain she had seen a giant bat in there before it whooshed away to hide.

It was just her luck. The one moment of religious calling –an awakening, if you will– and she stumbled into the grounds of a church that was no longer even a church; there was no God here, only an ironic home for a vampire.

The weeds rustled as though a creature, or perhaps several of them, scurried about and planned to nibble her feet. Something fell inside and shattered upon the stone, forcing the wooden beams to creak, groan, and demand she either enter and face her doom or leave and live another day.

She chose to refuse risk; she didn’t particularly fancy a block of stone falling on her head or a giant vampire bat eating her. Leaving was the best option. Some church visit this turned out to be.

Turning about, movement mocked the corner of her eye. Did that statue just move? Before she could glance over her shoulder, darkness descended.



Hullo! 🙂 Today is Day 455 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite challenge, the prompt for today is — church lady — and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website beep-beeped me! Just before my kitchen timer beep-beeped me too; got it done just as breakfast was ready. Nom nom nom.

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Thank you for reading! 😀