Character Creation (a five-minute #freewrite)

Happy… what is ‘happy,’ exactly?

Jenna touched the pen to her lip and paused, trying to focus her thoughts. It didn’t work. She hadn’t felt happy in years, so who was she to try and explain how ‘happy’ could feel, how someone ‘happy’ would react, how…

She sighed.

Sometimes she wondered if she was broken. Some pathetic excuse for a human who was so inhuman she couldn’t even feel emotions anymore. Drained, dulled, apathetic, uncaring. What was happy? What was sad? Who cared?

Tearing the page, she scrunched it into a ball and tossed it over her shoulder with a dismissive flick of the wrist.

Happiness was overrated. A true character was sad, depressed, melancholy, and probably a bother to read as they dragged the reader down with them. But such a character was probably more relatable than some happy schmuck dancing in the waves on a bright and sunny day, giggling beneath double rainbows.

That could soon be fixed.

Tidal waves. Grey clouds. Jags of lightning in the distance; oh may they strike that fool!

A hint of a smile touched her lips… it wasn’t a happy reaction, but a gleeful one. May the waves be tall, may they strike as true as a sword, and may their destruction be swift.



Today is Day 446 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite challenge! The prompt is — happy — and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website beeped at me! 😀

You can find today’s challenge behind the following link:

Today’s little story probably flew into mind because I’m trying to character create right now. I am suffering from a little bit of insanity known as #freewritemadness and I’m on the cusp of doing it again! I have no idea what the story is, who the characters are, nothing, na-da, zilch. Should I wing it like in November, or do it in the huge universe that lives on in my imagination and start a bunch of side-stories while waiting for my years-old characters to finally speak? I don’t even know.

Hence… thinking time!

And I’m babbling. Unlike the lady in this story, I am well and truly HAPPY!

@carolkean reviewed Half Past the Moonfall (you can read her review here on the blockchain behind these blue words) and I am eternally grateful for her kind words! You know, you read someone else’s opinion of your story and you just think to yourself, “Wow. Is the story really like that? Is she talking about the same book? Surely not!” — it left a huge smile on my face that has lingered all day and, eee! And @ntowl!! Thank you for your review also. I am so,so,so grateful! (Exclamation marks have been in excess today!!!!!)

I am a complete newbie… I don’t know what protocol is… I can respond to comments on Amazon, but is it considered good for an author to respond? Or is that looked down upon? Argh! At least I have Discord and Steem to say THANK YOU!!!!!! without worrying! 🙂


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Okay, I’m still rabbiting on.
(I love you #freewriters)

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Thank you for reading! 😀