Obsessive Compulsive (a five-minute #freewrite)

Another page torn from the book; another worthless list. She was obsessed with the things! Every day she would write list after list after list. They were budgets –sometimes the exact same budget written twenty thousand times– and they were things to-do… things to-do that were never done.

She had books full of these things and every week she’d buy a new notepad just to write even more lists, lists, lists!

Julia said it was some sort of obsessive compulsiveness, but she wasn’t so sure. She just liked the act of being organised, even if what she organised on paper never reached fruition in reality. It was, at least, a stepping stone in the right direction on the path to a perfectly organised life.

She would one day have one of those. But first, the lists. The lists would help. The lists were her life. She dreamed of the lists. LISTS!

Another page torn from the book. She had misspelled a word so must start again. Another page torn from the book. That ‘s’ had been written incorrectly; it looked more of a ‘5’; how could she go back and read this if her writing was an illegible scrawl?

A deep breath in; a deep breath out; steady the hand –there we go.

Well, that was a relief. This budget was exactly the same as the last one. Therefore she hadn’t missed anything. Better write it again just to triple-check.



Today is Day 441 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite! This is also my first freewrite of the new year because I’m a lazy so-and-so. 😀

Well, not really a lazy so-and-so. While I’m waiting for Half Past the Moonfall readers to get back to me, I’ve been going through my Ascension story and am so happy with how it’s all working out.

I’m also so grateful to Steemit, in particular because I never would have written my earlier Skyswept chapters if not for this place, and that has given me so much backstory to work with, even if I never finished the little intermediary story. I also feel like I can expand upon that story and write it so much better and fuller now and it makes my overall universe happy and filled with more life than ever.

It’s all coming together. Makes me glad I didn’t just crank it out five years ago in its original, terrible, un-obsessed-over form.

Anyway! You can find today’s #freewrite challenge at the following link:

(I used to be a similar… list writer… eek!)

Today’s header-image is a CC0 image courtesy of Pixabay!


Thank you for reading!! 😀