Certain Chaos pt. 3 (#freewrite)

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Sebastian clapped my shoulder and pushed me forward, impatience wrought within his gaze –he was right; I needed to hurry.

How lucky I was to have such a friend during this dangerous hour. Someone willing to wait just a few moments whilst certain chaos raged beyond the precipice of common sense. Unless, of course, he was going to depart without me.

I glanced over my shoulder, making certain the man remained at my heel, and paled as our host’s gargantuan head became more distinguishable than before, bobbing from side to side as he and the child danced closer to our escape route. Time was running out.

The woman’s soft perfume caressed my nose in gaseous tendrils. Gardenias. A scent I had not smelt in years. Now, more than ever, I hoped the woman would grace us with her presence.

She released a heavy sigh, as though sensing that someone approached; someone uninvited… someone who could only be a bother. Perhaps I was foolish. Why would she even accompany us –two serfs destined to cause harm to a dark host and his cult?

“Excuse me-”

Her dismissive hand interrupted me. “Quiet!” she demanded, tossing aside her golden ringlets, her eyes fixed to the stars. “Alignment will soon come.”

Perhaps I was mistaken.



It is Day 430 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite! The prompt for today is — lucky — and this is what I came up with in practically five-minutes, give a few extra minutes for a quick tidy up. 🙂

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It’s Christmas today! We’ve had a busy morning; my son has been having a blast with his new RC monster truck, so much that we already have to repair it ? ~ trying to convince a few moments of quiet time at the moment – wish me luck. Did this 5 minutes while everyone was outside, distracted.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday, or a Delightful Day!! ??

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