Relief (#365daysofwriting)

The crossroads were before us, but we couldn’t pass. No lights directed the flow of traffic and the cars whizzed past in an endless vehicular stream. It was impossible. Pedestrian crossings led every which way, but they seemed more of a suggestion than anything else –cross at your own peril– we were going to be stranded here for the rest of our lives.

Who’s fool idea was it to come here, anyway?

Joey sensed my glare and nudged my shoulder, a goofy grin plastered across his face. “You ready for this?” he asked with a flippant wave of his hand, gesturing to the busy road.

“Are you mad? I will never be ready for this,” I snapped, shrinking back as a truck zoomed past, its gust determined to take me along with it.

“Calm your tits!”

Why did he sound so cheerful? The truck’s wind vanished; I could steady myself again –oh, it was so good to have my feet on solid ground… Joey’s smile widened. Christ, he looked like the Joker! If that wasn’t a bad sign, I don’t know wha- He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the traffic.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I shrieked. A white van headed straight for me, its windows as black as Joey’s twisted, maniacal soul. Time stopped, but the van didn’t. No time for thoughts, I shut my eyes and quite possibly shit my pants –did that even matter? I was dead. Whoever cleaned me up could deal with it.

A cool breeze swept through me. Was this what it felt like to be a ghost? I dared open one eye, then the other, and restrained myself from punching Joey in the face as he raised a smug eyebrow an inch from my face.

“Holograms, chicky.”

“I hate you.”

“I love you, too!” he laughed, jumping back into the traffic and weaving in and out of the illusory cars.

When he turned his back, I quickly checked my pants just in case… all clear. Relief flooded my veins almost as fast as the cars flooded that road. Well, thank God for that.



Today is DAY 365 of the #365daysofwriting challenge. I figured since it was 365 of 365, I would definitely try and do something for it… alas, I wasn’t very inspired by the image. Finally decided to #freewrite my way through it, and voila –Joey appeared! One day this guy will show up in a book, I love him so.

The #365daysofwriting challenge is hosted by @mydivathings and you can find today’s challenge behind these blue words. I’m interested to know if there’ll be more? 🙂 What’s in store for the writing challenge now? A new 1-to-365?

The image used for this post is the prompt for today’s challenge, and is courtesy of Keisuke Higashio on Unsplash!


Thank you for reading! 😀