Go get ’em, Tiger (a #weekendfreewrite)

A burning question began to grow stronger in my heart day by day. “Is there anything missing…”

I sighed, looking around at my squalid loungeroom of despair, my crotchety kitchen of corrosiveness, and then out the window at the brown grass, trees, and sepia sky.

There was plenty missing. For one, a nice placed to live would be lovelier than this ramshackle mess. For two, perhaps somewhere nicer than… here.

Where was ‘here’, anyway? I’ve been here for so long and sometimes I don’t even remember where I am or how I came to be here. Does that make me crazy, or just a mere hint of the mad?

I picked up my glass and gave it a swirl, and a second swirl, making the sediment fall to the bottom before I dared to allow the water to touch my lips. Even that stuff was freaking gross. So much was missing, and I had no idea what I could possibly do about it.

It wasn’t like I had money. Or people. Or a life outside of my own personal little worlds. This was purgatory, and here I would stay.

“Your feet shall walk upon a plush carpet of contentment.”

Who was that? My heart leapt into my throat and I turned around, near expecting to see a ghost or some other apparition, but there wasn’t. Who the freaking freakity freak had spoken? I was definitely going mad. More than a mere hint of the mad. A full blown mad.

“Excuse me? Did you not hear me? I said that your feet shall walk upon a plush carpet of contentment! Be contented!”

The face was coming from… below? I looked down and jumped back in horror as a raggedy cat sat in front of me, licking its jagged fur. It was as black as tar and looked like it had bathed in it also, its fur in triangles at odd angles like a spiky hedgehog. But a cat.

It climbed to its feet and walked away from me, down the hallway, shaking its head as though wondering why it bothered speaking to me, and then a fluffy crimson rug appeared beneath its spiky paws.

“Come, walk,” it demanded, and then muttered beneath its breath, “Fucking humans. Why the fuck do I bother?”

“Watch your language!” I shouted after the thing, forgetting my madness as I zoomed after the creature. Forgetting my madness as my feet touched the softest carpet as soft as fifty layers of silk, caressing my feet in its silky smoothy goodness.

“Oh, dear God,” I moaned, collapsing to the fall and rubbing my body all over the silk as though it were snow and I were creating snow angels. I was creating silky smoothy carpet angels, and no one would stop me!

“…and if the tourists were dead,” the jagged cat turned around and grinned at her, its smile strangely humanoid beneath its tar-like triangle-fur, “you could create carpet angels all day, all night if you wanted to!”

I swam up the stream of crimson carpet and giggled, “What tourists? you crazy cat.”

“Crazy?” it sniffed. “You’re the one licking at that carpet like it contains a fuckload of shrooms woven into it.” It continued walking along the eternal hallway and then flicked its tail into the air, transforming into an arrow that pointed up.

“Up there, crazy human. Kill the tourists and the carpet will be yours.”

“I’ve… uh… never killed anyone before. Am I going crazy? This is all a dream, right? They always said I was getting a bit mad. Maybe they were right.”

“If you think you’re crazy, you probably aren’t. Get up there and get ’em, Tiger!”

A cat just called me ‘tiger’. Well, that settled it. I must do what the beast demands and the plush carpet would be mine. ALL MINE.



It’s the #weekendfreewrite! Brought to us by @mariannewest! 😀 The weekend freewrite involves three prompts, which you can find: here (1), here (2), and here (3). And the prompts have been bolded and italicised in my writing. 🙂

Today’s writing… I really don’t know what I can say about my #freewrite today, haha. I will blame it on waking up at 3am. 😉

The image I used for my header is a CC0 image courtesy of Pixabay!

Thank you for reading! 🙂