Through Darkest Night… (a creepy Christmas carol)

Through darkest night, baubles of silver they gleam,
Ten golden baubles shine by moonlight.
Hidden within every corner does stand,
Strange spruce emanating deepest fear, deepest fright.

The people; they ignore, they cheer and they wrap.
The spruce; they stand in despair,
Dressed in artificial shrouds of red and green,
The people lark and make merry; no care.

Not one living soul recalls that night long past,
The witch, how he crouched by shadow in deep night,
Clothed in red and disguised by shocking white beard,
Within each tree was transferred most mocking plight.

He cackled with glee, a throaty, “Ho ho ho!”
His clawed hand delivered an elven soul for each tree.
These helpers, so innocent, pledged their selves long ago,
Now trapped, they lament they will never be free.

Pies, eggnog and cheer fill the air,
Taunting those who stand concealed and unknown.
Yet here lies a soul who has suffered one too many tears,
The people; they do not listen, their hearts made of stone.

Yellow flames, they spread as a cackle fills the sky,
The tree steps forward, harbouring a demon within.
Filled with anger, the elf howls for the red man of the past,
The haunted elf; he screams for his lost self, friends, and kin.

Through darkest night a piercing scream does linger,
Ten golden baubles painted in crimson lie broken,
They walk no longer hidden, no longer concealed,
They who were once Santa’s helpers now have spoken.


This was written two years ago for a Creepy Christmas Carol Contest on a forum I used to frequent. 🙂 I’ve modified it slightly for this posting, being that it was two years old and a couple of bits sounded a bit off, but you can find it in its original entirety behind these blue words.

I have the same username on that forum as I do here and the writing is most definitely mine!!

I thought that I would share it here considering the season we’re in 🙂 It’s my first year on Steemit and I thought I would immortalise my Creepy Christmas Carol on the Steem blockchain! 😉

I hope that you liked it, and I thank you for reading! 😀

The image I used for my header is a CC0 image courtesy of Pixabay!