Billy the Boxer (a five-minute #freewrite)

When Billy O’bill told people that he was a boxer, most people laughed. He was short –if he were female, they would probably call him ‘petite’– and was incredibly skinny. He looked as weak as a milky coffee, which was to say that he was pretty damned weak.

People didn’t understand though. How could they? All of those preconceived notions. All of the so-called perfect ideals. All of the stereotypes.

The fact was, he wasn’t what they thought him to be, neither was he a breed of dog, as some had smirked about. People were complete ning-nongs at times. How hard was it to understand that he packed boxes for a living! A boxer!

Every day he faced a lengthy conveyor belt that harboured box, after box, after box, after box.

The boxes never ended. Day in, day out, the line of boxes was as eternal as the plastic he wrapped them in. Cardboard boxes wrapped in plastic. He didn’t even know what was inside the bastard things! Just that they were never-ending, and he had to wrap them up after whoever before him sealed the boxes tight.

Another box. Wrap it up. Another. Wrap it up. Pure drudgery. Until one day, a box landed in front of him that had yet to be sealed.

Curiosity came over him, and he peered inside.



Today is Day 412 of @mariannewest’s five-minute #freewrite! The prompt for today is – boxer – and this is what I came up with before the egg-timer website went beep-beep at me. 🙂 I stopped at 8 seconds to go. (the peril of having the timer count-down where I can see; knew how long I had left to make an opening for a possible part 2)

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