Why, Barry, Why? (#weekendfreewrite)

“Where are they coming from?” she screamed. The window was black, covered with buzzing flies.

Henry shuffled out from the bedroom, rubbing at his bleary eyes, and raised an eyebrow at the window before shrugging.

“Oh, that’s just Barry’s…uh, ‘science project’ he called it.”

“What the hell is he doing with twenty thousand flies?”

Henry shrugged. “Buggers me,” and shuffled back into the bedroom, a dull thud reverberating over the floor as his heavy frame collapsed back into bed. Great. She would have to deal with this herself.

Leonie marched downstairs and into the backyard, and swept her eyes over the gardens. Where was Barry? Her eyes widened. There he was – on top of the a ladder by the bathroom window – and what was that…?

Barry!” she screamed.

He calmly turned around, a raw chunk of meat dangling from his hand, and nonchalantly called down.

“Hey, mum!”

Beep. Beep.

Leonie peered over her shoulder. The Nancy’s were pulling up in their flash new car. Hell’s bells. They were here early. She whipped back to Barry and loudly whispered, “You need to count them. All of them.” Best to hide them behind the house where they wouldn’t be seen.

She ran a hand through her hair and hurried to greet the Nancy’s who were approaching the door. Barry better hide those things, and that rancid meat too.

“Hello, Darling.”

Nancy Nancy air-kissed Leonie’s cheeks and Richard Nancy offered a bow. They were so snooty. Trying to live above their lot in life. Leonie much preferred the Peters family. They were also snooty, but they owned an ice-cream company. It was always delicious when they came to visit.

Bzzzzzzzzz. A fly buzzed around them. Fuck.

“Quickly! Inside!” Leonie shrieked.

She ushered the snoots into the house and slammed the door, and quickly peered out the window. Barry strode past with his little black buzzing army following him, a cheerful grin plastered to his face. Wait. Where was he going?

“Leonie, darling? Are you alright?”

Leonie forced a smile. “Yes, dear. Henry should be down in a moment. Right this way, please,” and gestured towards the sitting room, whipping back to the window as the Nancy’s disappeared.

Barry was heading towards the Nancy’s car, frost covered the windshield, and he was ushering his flies inside. Oh, God. Why, Barry, why? He slammed the car-door and raced back around the house, giggling obnoxiously, she could hear him from here.

“Oh, darling. We brought you a gift. Richard is just going to pop back out and grab it.” Leonie paled. “Darling? Are you sure you’re alright?”



It’s the weekend #freewrite! Hosted by @mariannewest! There are three prompts that make up this story, they have been bolded, and you can also find each one in their respective posts here(1), here(2), and here(3).

I’m not too happy with this #freewrite. My brain just isn’t working today. I like to blame the fact that it’s been just over a week since I stopped drinking caffeine and maybe I’m still feeling the effects.

Dull headaches, nausea, super-strong headaches, suddenly thirsty and hungry all the time, more dull headaches, listlessness, can’t focus, just want to sit and stare. Only a few more days til The @freewritehouse’s NaNoWriMo November Madness. Hopefully I’m fixed by then!

(Who quits caffeine just before NaNo? This ning-nong, right here.)

The photo I used for my header is a CC0 image courtesy of Pixabay.


Thank you for reading!! 🙂