An Eternal Dance (#fiftywords and#365daysofwriting)

The encroaching mist transformed into a woman, pirouetting and twirling in a mesmerising dance.

Lily watched, enraptured by the woman’s grace. A chill touched her heart. The air stood still. The woman vanished.

As flexible as a windswept branch, Lily danced along the city’s pathways… she had never danced before.



Today is Day 312 of the #365daysofwriting challenge, hosted by @mydivathings, and I thought that I would do this story in #fiftywords, of which the prompt for this week is – ghost.

This one took a while for me to fit. I wanted to embellish it so much more! Ethereal this, ghostly that, and focus more on the mesmerising dance. But, alas —fiftywords. 😉 The ghost even has a name. She is Dancing Delilah and she doesn’t know that she’s dead, she doesn’t even know she just danced straight into a young girl, she hadn’t even seen the young girl.

The ghost and the girl became one… but who is control? Lovely Lily, or Dancing Delilah? Perhaps they both have some handle on this mortal form. Perhaps Delilah merely allowed Lily her knowledge as she passed through and Lily is not actually possessed. Either way, I can think of worse ghostly creatures to be inhabited by. Delilah seems nice.


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