TRAPPED! (a five-minute #freewrite)

The cupboard was empty. Simon stared at the bare shelves, at the empty jars, and realised that he was trapped. Trapped by life, by expectations, by everything, by his own self, and most of all, by his not-so-secret vice. His daily coffee.

The jar was empty! His fuel for the day, the sustenance that allowed his life to be lived and not merely tolerated, without it he would perish, he would be tired, he would be a husk. He needed it.

It was Sunday. The shops were closed. Dammit! He was doomed. Doom and dismay exuded from his every breath, his every heartbeat, every heart-wrenching minute without his life’s blood, for he no longer held the red blood-cells of the normal folk, no, his blood was liquid caffeine, in full flow through his dying veins.

His temple began to thud, to thump. Of course. His brain couldn’t handle it either. No caffeine? Fine! I, the brain, will pound your head with this sledgehammer until you submit. Buy a pizza with a side of Pepsi; there’s your caffeine. I, the brain, will not stop thumping until you give me what I want! It is in your best interest!

Simon closed his eyes as he slammed the cupboard. He couldn’t afford it. Sorry, dear brain, you cannot have what you desire. Not today. And after today, never again. It was over. He could not rely on it any more.

He collapsed onto the couch, unwilling to move lest his brain continued its attack. Each blink was worse than the next. Blink. Ouch. Blink. Ouch. Blink. OUCH! Maybe if he went to sleep, it would all be over…



Today is Day 366 of the five-minute #freewrite challenge, hosted by @mariannewest, the prompt for today is – trapped – and this is what I came up with before the eggtimer website went beep-beep at me!

Ughhhhhh. Simon, Simon, Simon… I know your pain. It was either “fictionise” it or write something about my own doom and destruction of the past couple of days. I decided to fictionise it and THEN complain about my own things, haha.

I, @kaelci, am a caffeine addict. I drink 750mL of 200mg Iced Coffee, and sometimes 500mL of 180mg Monster Energy Drinks. At least once a day. Sometimes twice. I’ve decided to stop spending so much money on something I don’t necessarily need and probably lose a few inches off my waistline at the same time. $1600 a year, that could be used for STEEM! (Lol – it could also be used for a new couch, paying back credit card debt, putting towards important things like visas and moving-money… all sorts of things more important than a daily habit.)

On Thursday, I had my very last iced coffee and I cherished every sip of it. On Friday. I was at a loss. It was all gone. What do I drink in the morning now? Water? Inconceivable! By Friday night I had a mild headache. By Saturday I had a head-thumping headache of doom. By Sunday, yesterday… I was so nauseous and sick and headachey and ohmygosh. I was in and out of the bedroom from about lunchtime onwards. My son goes to bed at 7pm every night. I did too last night. This morning… I woke up with a mild headache again. But I don’t feel nauseous. And I think the worst of it has passed.

Whew. As soon as this is posted, I’m going to go and relax-away the remainder of this brain-pain.

I don’t even want to imagine what people go through to get off “real” drugs. This weekend of Caffeine withdrawal was enough for me. Thanks.

Anywho! You can find today’s freewrite challenge behind these blue words.
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Thank you for reading! 😀