Sixth; Survival

Nisha peered left and then right. A chill swept across her chest and she looked down, quickly wrapping her arms about herself. Where the hell were her clothes? Where the hell was she? How long had she even been out here? It couldn’t have been long or she wouldn’t be awake right now, alive… was she alive?

A wintry forest rose tall above aqua waters, concealing snowy peaks that tried to peer out from behind the thick growth, and the silence was a whistling scream that threatened to rupture her muddled mind. Soft tendrils of steam danced atop the flawless lake -warmth; that was all that mattered. Her missing clothes were a mystery. The surroundings were a mystery. But it didn’t matter, not yet. The lake called for her desperate body and her frozen flesh would answer.

The warm water blanketed her and she cried out as her bones responded. Fire and ice had met and she was their conduit. Was she as glass? Would her bones break? She couldn’t risk it. She sat motionless, allowing the heat to infiltrate her body and repair the chill as she tried to sift through scattered thoughts.

There was a red temple. A demon dude delinquent. Triple D? Yeah, that’s what she would call him. She didn’t remember his name… whatever it was, it probably wasn’t even his real name. Was he even real? Had any of that actually happened? Was this all a dream? No, it had to be real. Why else would she be naked in a frozen forest? Well, that could be part of the dream. Nothing made sense anymore.

She slowly moved a finger. The bone didn’t ache as much as she thought it would and she lowered herself deeper into the lake’s embrace, allowing the water to caress her cold shoulders. Could she go under there? Her face was pretty cold and would likely only get colder when she re-emerged. Unless… what if she didn’t have to. Who said that was required of her? If this was a dream, she could do whatever she wanted.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Her lungs were working —good. She took another deep breath and dove into the depths.

Beneath the surface was as clear as the cloudless skies and her eyes widened as a structure loomed both overhead and below, encompassing the entire area. It seemed impossible, and yet… she looked up. The watery ceiling had completely vanished. This was her world now. There were pebbles beneath her feet, soft and smooth and a delight to stand upon, and she wiggled her toes, enjoying the touch of each and every stone. She stepped forward, walking with ease amidst this watery world, and entered the structure. There was nowhere else she could go.

It was a long corridor. Marble walls adorned with golden threads shone bright beneath flickering flames, shielded by glass lanterns embellished with tiny turquoise beads. Was this the entrance to the fabled temple she had sought so long ago? Did she have to die to get here? Surely she was dead.

It was the only thought that made any sense anymore.



Today is Day 305 of @mydivathings’ #365daysofwriting challenge, and this is a very belated “sixth part” to a story I thought I had ended a couple of months ago! Haha. You can find the fifth part behind these blue words if you are so inclined. Basically, Nisha was travelling with a skinny-jean-wearing-dude-twirp, despite her better judgement, and he led her to a red temple. It felt evil. He turned into a demon, of course, and we all assumed that Nisha had died.

Maybe she did. Maybe that’s why she’s here. 😉 Through death by evil, she was purified? Who knows! I don’t even know! I just ramble and hope something interesting comes out!

You can find today’s #365daysofwriting challenge behind theeeese blue words – and there is still plenty of time to join in! Today hasn’t ended yet! 😀

And the photo used for the prompt is courtesy of Marlon Martinez on Unsplash!

Thank you for reading!! 😀