Eavesdropper! – a #weekendfreewrite

“Don’t you know that violence is an expression of an unmet need?” he said with a smile. She wanted to punch him in the face. Her violence was an expression of the distinct lack of empathy around here.

She clenched her fist and returned his smarmy grin. How would that be described in a Stephen King book? A shit-eating grin, probably. That was definitely the grin. She had always imagined it as an unsavoury, filth-dripping grin, but this… this was definitely a shit-eating grin made manifest.

Instead of responding, she slowly raised her hand, turned it around, and flipped him the bird, before tossing her hair back and walking away, ignoring the chuckle behind her.

Darryn was an idiot. He had no idea. He was just trying to coax her into bed with him, again, and she had promised that it would never happen, again. Likely wouldn’t now, all she could see was that grin grinning out at her. Almost cheshire-cat-like. It would probably glow beneath the moon too. Take the place of the moon. Anything was possible.

She walked through the kitchen and headed for the door. Not only did he have a shit-eating grin, he had a terrible eye for design. Who in their right mind would have their front door in the kitchen? That was a place for a backdoor if ever there was one. That or the laundry. She turned the handle. It was locked. But not in the conventional manner… there was a padlock holding her back. The bastard had locked her in!

It was like he wanted a punch to the face. Fine. She could do that. And then extricate the key from his mindless body. With a huff, she stalked back to the bedroom but stopped when she heard him talking to someone.

“Yes, I can see that. I have to start correcting her behavior.”

What the actual hell? Was he talking about her? Friggenometry. Ok. Back to the kitchen. There had be a knife in there or something. The only behaviour around here that needed to be corrected was his.

Deep breath. Turn around. Down the hall. There we are. The kitchen. She narrowed her eyes. There were no drawers. No cupboards. There was no toaster or jug sitting on the counter. The sinks were empty. Where the frig did he keep the knives? Not the fridge, right?

“Looking for something?”

She turned around. There he was. Shit-eating grin still plastered across his face.

She put her hand on her hip and smiled the same smile. “Well, since you appear to have locked me inside this wretched apartment. I thought that protection might be necessary. Doubly-so after I overheard your conversation just before.”


His voice was a low growl through that perpetual smile, a glint of danger behind his eyes, and she prepared herself by leaping into the stereotypical karate position she had seen on TV countless times. She had no idea what she was doing, but maybe she’d seem crazier than he was. “Hee-ya!!!” she shouted, her hands prepared.

He shook his head at her and flicked his wrist, and she shrank back as a ball of lightning appeared in his palm. What the-… he was a witch! Or a warlock. Semantics β€”she was about to die!

“You have no idea what you’re dealing with.” He stepped closer to her. She was frozen in place. Unable to move. Could only stare dumbfounded at that ball of electricity dancing from his palm to his fingertips. He clicked the fingers on his other hand and a cloud appeared above her, showering her with rain, and then he flung the electricity at her.

“May rain and lightning put an end to this.”

So that was why their tryst had fizzled out. She laughed at that unbidden thought, before the lightning struck in a shower of blue and white sparks. Her heart jerked, everything turned white, and then there was nothing.



It’s #weekendfreewrite time! πŸ™‚ There are three prompts that made up this story, all of them have been bolded, and you can find them – here(1), here(2), and here(3) – courtesy of @mariannewest! Each of the three segments was written in five minutes using the eggtimer website, with no tidying up afterwards. Also, “Friggenometry” is my new favourite word – sadly, I googled it, and it appears to be someone’s username all over the interwebz! Sorry about that! πŸ˜€

It took forever to find a CC0 image for today’s story! It’s unbelievable, the lack of arguing couples for free… or lightning balls in hands for free… could find plenty on the not-so-free stock image sites, but none that are CC0.

So, the hastily mocked up image is courtesy of… me! πŸ˜€ I need more photo manipulation training. I have noooo idea what I’m doing. Anyway, the two images used for my header were from Pixabay: the hand is here – and – the lightning-ball-thing is here.

Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚