Sweet Dreams (#365daysofwriting)

The clock is ticking. Ten seconds remain. Soon the sun will fall beyond the horizon and my illusions will fade. This is my least favourite time. It seems such a short amount, but the reality is that time is relative; ten seconds can be an eternity if only you wish them to be, if you dare dream them to be.

I am a dreamer. Deep in slumber, my dreams drown me every night… or is it that I drown in my dreams? I no longer know. I think it may be a little of both. I spend my days in purgatory, longing for the moment my eyes close once more, yearning for my next dream. Sweet freedom.

This dream has manifested so many times… perhaps this will be the last time. The watch on my wrist tells me that it’s almost over, it is a constant companion that taunts and torments me, it reminds me that when the minute hand reaches the twelve I will awaken in a world not of my choosing… I cannot accept it. I will not allow it. I don’t want it to be over.

The sea calls for me. The watch tells me I now have eight seconds. A reminder of my belief in relativity, for surely it’s been half an hour. The sand feels as nothing beneath my toes. It’s as though it does not exist. I tread light, embracing the glow of the setting sun as each step brings me closer to the ocean’s edge. I am immortal. I am a dreamer. That cannot be taken away from me.

Another step. Ice cold water licks at my toes. The pillow is soft and my blanket is warm. The morning light tries to blind me from behind closed eyelids.

It is over.

Hullo! Today is Day 295 of @mydivathings’ #365daysofwriting challenge, and this is my little interpretation of the picture prompt!

I first saw the prompt last night before I fell asleep and I was originally going to write a poem for it; but after staring at it this morning, this little dreamy thing came into existence. 🙂 I like it!

You can find today’s challenge behind these blue words!

The photo used for the prompt is courtesy of Javardh on Unsplash!

And thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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