In a World of Demons… (a weekend #freewrite)

Slowly, slowly, the door opened creaking loudly. She sucked in her breath and whispered, “You were going to oil this,” and glared at me.

I think that’s what she said anyway, her voice was so soft as she hissed those words, but the glare spoke volumes. Those piercing eyes. As hard as diamonds and as sharp as steak knives. If looks could kill, I would be on the kitchen table right now. I mean, assuming that she was a cannibal. Who knew these days. People held all sorts of secrets.

I smiled at her, ignoring the murderous look in her eye.

“Sweetie, I still am going to oil it. You asked me ten minutes ago! Can I at least get my pants on before I go rummage around in the shed?”

She stepped closer to me, her blue eyes turning a shade of purple as a red hot anger blended itself into her natural colour.


That one word, though clear, sounded as though it were hissed from the depths of the otherworld. I knew that she had demons in her family-line, her mother was a classic example, but damn. What had I gotten myself into?

“Yes, dear.” I smiled, backing away. I knocked over a vase in my haste and hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, I’ll clean that up too!”

“Don’t bother,” she grunted and rolled her eyes.

I grinned once more and backed out the door. I still had no pants on, but that was the price one had to pay I suppose. She might be descended from demons but she was also a devil beneath the sheets and I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

The grass was overgrown, my personal backyard jungle, and I hid beneath the long blades as I shuffled towards the shed, hoping that the neighbours didn’t see me.

“…a most sweet-natured gentleman, and pleasant too!”

Oh, there they were. That was the neighbour’s wife talking. Her high-pitched voice like a child’s. They were a sweet little old couple. And I do mean little. Three feet tall but so adorable as my demon-wife would say. Unfortunately, crawling through the grasses like this, on my hands and knees, on a property that had no fences, I was their height… hopefully the grass obscured my presence enough to make it to the shed. I think I had a pair of pants in there too. They were old and filthy, I used them to clean the grease off the barbecue that one time, but at least I wouldn’t be dangling in the wind.

There was a giggle to the left of me and heat flooded my face. Well, so much for that. I leapt upright and ran full-speed to the shed, slamming the rickety old door behind me. It was colder and moister in here than last I remembered… I don’t think sheds are supposed to be moist. That seemed a little strange. And it was dark in here. No light flittered in through that broken window… wait one gosh-darn minute. Where in the seven hells had the window gone?

I turned around, the door was gone too. Was this all a trick? My demon wife! She did want to eat me!

Another giggle rose up, echoing about the dark walls of this windowless construct. A light flared into life. The eyes of my sweet little old neighbour stared directly at me, like a little goblin, hungering. She licked her lips and for the first time I noticed her teeth as her serpentine tongue flickered between each one, like a shark’s.

“I have been waiting for you.”



It’s weekend #freewrite time! 😀

The prompts for today have been bolded in my story. I did things a little bit differently today; usually I start each new prompt-segment with the actual prompt, but today I tried to weave it in through the story instead. I like how it turned out! 🙂 Might do it this way more often.

The weekend freewrite is hosted by @mariannewest and you can find the prompts here(1), here(2), and here(3)!

The photo I used for my header is a CC0 image courtesy of Pixabay!

And thank you so much for reading. 🙂



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