When Embers Become Stars

Marie watched Marcus tend the flames, her hand on her stomach.

She should have sought help sooner. Their lives were ruined, his life was lost… it was her fault!

Embers shrouded the sky and she turned away from the pyre.

Goodbye, little one; may you become one with the stars.


This little snippet of writing was created for two challenges… fiftywords and 365daysofwriting.

The prompt this week for #fiftywords is – goodbye – and you can find the challenge here, hosted by @jayna!

The photo is the prompt for #365daysofwriting, which is courtesy of Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash!
And you can find this challenge here, hosted by @mydivathings!


This started out as a creation just for the 365daysofwriting challenge… however, my brain is a terrible thing sometimes and as I was writing, the inevitable happened; everything took a dark turn. That dark turn resulted in my remembering the prompt for this week’s fiftywords, and then it all came together.

Admittedly, the photo is somewhat cheerier than my interpretation… I’m fairly certain those people are enjoying that bonfire. But my mind works in mysterious ways.


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