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Welcome to Fan’driel. Three Gods have arrived and they have brought a strange magic to the land. The people rejoice, and yet, they fear. Order has been overthrown and a new chaos reigns. Insurgencies rise and fall, only to rise once more… there is no good nor is there an evil; we are all doomed.

As an author, I am a notorious perfectionist, and at this rate nothing will ever be achieved! So, I have decided to do things a bit differently.

Each week I will be obsessing over each chapter, one at a time, and will post them here, one at a time, never to be re-touched or re-edited by me again. Eventually the whole book will be available chapter-by-chapter, here on this website, and when complete there will be an option to purchase the work as an ebook or paperback via Amazon. However, it will always be here and available to read for free.

All chapters that I post will also be cross-posted to Steemit – a social media platform with cryptocurrency rewards!

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you enjoy. 🙂

@kaelci – B.M.Matthews